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Ever wonder. . .
What life must have been like when your grandparents or great grandparents were living?
Was there ever any truth to the story about so-and-so?

Well, wonder no more!
The following links will transport you back in time.

Get the real “scoop” about your ancestors past,
visit the “Roaring Twenties”, or see what it was like during WWII.....

Whether you’re curious or just want to stroll down memory lane,
see for yourself what it was all about!


Family History

The Kent Family Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Have you ever wondered if there is any meaning to the images contained on a coat of arms?
Well, wonder no more - read about the symbolism and significance of the colors and images used in the Kent Family Coat of Arms.

“In The Baggage Coach Ahead”

It’s reported that this song, written and published in 1896, was inspired by the events in the life of Ralph and Edith (Merrill) Kent. Read the story, view the documents, listen to the music, and then...You Decide.


Trees are the best monuments that a man can erect to his own memory.
They speak his praises without flattery, and they are blessings to children yet unborn.
- Lord Orrery, 1749 -

Park link

Find out who has a town park named after them.



Years Gone By

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See what it was like in...

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Kent Family Crest

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Image courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Kent, Rochester, New York